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Sweet Christmas Dreams
Adommy kiss

~♥ All About Me ~♥


My name is Sarah, but I prefer to be called Sasa. I'm 20 years old. I'm a big Korean & Japanese fan. I also enjoy British, German, Chinese/TaiwaneseThai entertainment.
Before you add me check out my interests in the link below to see if we have anything in common!!


27th-Feb-2012 02:14 pm - My tweets
Adommy kiss
25th-Feb-2012 07:35 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
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24th-Feb-2012 07:36 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
22nd-Feb-2012 04:38 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
18th-Feb-2012 05:44 pm - My tweets
Adommy kiss
  • Fri, 23:21: @alienblade Hahaha no prob & thanks! (: What are you up to? (:
  • Fri, 23:24: @alienblade Hahaha yeah Maine is east of Ohio. But they're both in the same time zone & that's pretty much what I go by. (:
  • Fri, 23:27: @alienblade sounds fun! (: just listening to some wrock/wizrock (whichever you prefer to call it) & getting ready to go to KM's house (:
  • Fri, 23:32: @alienblade Hahaha it's cool, I'm not that great at Geography either. Ohio is under Michigan. Maine may be close to Maryland..not too sure.
  • Fri, 23:36: @alienblade Ahh well if your routine isn't fun, then make it fun. Try watching a different show than Jerry Springer.. (:
  • Fri, 23:39: @alienblade Hahaha yeah KM's is a second home more or less (: Yeah Maine's on the coast I think, but OH is more inland. (:
  • Fri, 23:50: @USfor1D okayy (: what are you up to? (:
  • Fri, 23:53: @alienblade Ahh I see. I love Family Guy! (:
  • Fri, 23:53: @spiceymom2 you're welcome & thanks! (:
  • Fri, 23:54: @alienblade because as much as I love her, if I lived with her permanently I would end up killing her after a few months..
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2nd-Feb-2012 07:34 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
  • Ср, 21:45: Getting ready to go to Kalee Marie's tonight.. I would go freaking insane without her! (:
1st-Feb-2012 09:17 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
31st-Jan-2012 09:21 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
  • Mon, 20:36: Thinking about piercing my lip.. (:
  • Mon, 22:09: Does any of my lovely followers go to the Vans Warped Tour? <3
  • Mon, 22:35: @BrandonnDaniels that's great to hear! I'm doing wonderful, thanks! I was wondering, are you in a band or something? (:
  • Tue, 03:08: I told Daddy that I would die if I didnt get to see SWS & Vampires Everywhere! perform & he asks what kind of flowers I want on my grave..
  • Tue, 14:03: @BrandonnDaniels Ohh I see. Uhm would you mind me asking what band? (:
  • Tue, 14:06: @alienblade support from the family great? Huh I wouldn't know.. No I haven't yet. I may ask my Grandma this weekend..
30th-Jan-2012 09:12 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
  • Sun, 15:03: @alienblade hey sorry KM had my phone & by the time she finished with it I was asleep. Do you still have the link to them or do you need me
  • Sun, 15:05: @alienblade to resend them? Hahaha I really don't mind you not reading the ones you don't like. Hahaha yeah I had just finished rewatching
  • Sun, 15:06: @alienblade COE & I was pissed off at RTD when I wrote it..
  • Sun, 16:42: @alienblade Hahaha cool! No! I'm never going to forgive that bastard! He killed off one of my two favourite characters! >.<
  • Sun, 17:34: @alienblade Ehh if he was going to bring him back, he would have brought him back in Torchwood: Miracle Day..
  • Sun, 22:05: @alienblade Ehh maybe.. Is there even going to be a season 5?
  • Sun, 22:08: @alienblade yeah I don't think many people actually liked MD.. It's like RTD killed Ianto & then made it impossible to die.. Ianto fans
  • Sun, 22:08: @alienblade were kinda pissed..
  • Sun, 22:11: @alienblade true.. The show just didn't seem like Torchwood without the full cast..
  • Sun, 22:14: @alienblade true, but I didn't like that the full cast wasn't a part of MD.
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29th-Jan-2012 07:55 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
  • Sun, 04:20: @alienblade did you write the hp fics you linked me to?
  • Sun, 05:20: @alienblade Aww really? Yay! I'll deffo check it out tomoz when I get home! Congrats on finishing it!! (:
  • Sun, 05:31: @alienblade no prob! Yay! I'm looking forward to reading your Doctor Who one when you finish! Ehh I still have to type them up, other than
  • Sun, 05:31: @alienblade that I haven't worked on anymore of my fics..
28th-Jan-2012 07:40 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
25th-Jan-2012 07:40 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
24th-Jan-2012 07:33 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
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23rd-Jan-2012 09:29 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
22nd-Jan-2012 09:05 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
21st-Jan-2012 09:11 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
  • Пт, 14:48: @spiceymom2 you're welcome, thanks! (:
  • Пт, 14:55: @spiceymom2 thanks! (:
  • Пт, 14:55: @alienblade you're welcome, thanks! (:
  • Пт, 21:16: @alienblade thanks Penguin! (:
  • Пт, 21:25: I luv my sis, but she's hopeless when it concerns music.I introduce her 2 an awesome band/artist & she becomes a fan of an equally awful 1.
  • Пт, 21:29: @alienblade I totally have 2 try that! Although it might be a bit difficult 2 get her 2 believe, bc if I don't like a band/artist I say so.
  • Пт, 21:35: @alienblade I'm not that great of a liar.. Seriously how am I supposed to lie about liking Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, rap, country, etc?
  • Пт, 21:57: @alienblade I could totally do the first part, but not laughing while I lie? I can't do that.. I always laugh when I lie. It's kinda weird.
  • Пт, 21:58: @MCRDaily thanks so much hun! (:
  • Пт, 22:10: @alienblade yeah but I don't like lying though.. I just don't think lying is worth the trouble that comes about when the truth comes out..
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20th-Jan-2012 11:02 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
20th-Jan-2012 02:51 am - Мои твиты
Adommy kiss
17th-Jan-2012 09:04 am - My tweets
Adommy kiss
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